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The company  Elettronica Ravennate was born  In 1986  from  the collaboration  and creativity  of  the  constituent members, whose goal is the design and production of electronic equipment for industrial automation. The constant engagement,  experience and positive  applications have led  to a continuous growth of the company both in professional and economical-financial side. In 1988   were  born the  first control boards  for  automatic machines  by  the  industrial  laundry sector  and  was completed and produced the system "Counter" for the recognition and sorting of garments. In 1989 started the collaboration with an important company, world  leader   in  food  and   beverage   packaging   products of  Bergamo  that  for  over  25  years   has  joined  us  in  the technical and productive growing. The   cooperation   of  this  and  other  companies  in various industries   has   allowed   the   creation   of  several  devices designed and manufactured by ER Elettronica. In 1990 was produced the system CDP-HC11 (*), full of operator panels   EL 6440   and   CDA.   This  system   is  adopted  by  our customers    for  machine  automation   of   their   production,   it’s currently installed and working correctly around the world on over 2000 machines. (*) The CDP is a similar system to the expandable  PLC with input, output, data acquisition and motion control modules. In  1995  was  born  the  Bel-one,  the digital driver control  for brushless motors.
In  1997/1998   were  produced  the   PC  Terminal  (Operator   Terminal   with  integrated   PC),    MTIKE  (Multi-tasking    operating    system),    MARTS    (PC control  unit  with Sercos interface),   ER16I/O (Digital I/O island with Sercos bus), ER4A4P (Analogic island with  Sercos bus),  Bel-one  SRC  (Digital  driver with Sercos bus). In 1998, the Elettronica Ravennate snc becomes ER Elettronica srl with  registered  capital of  € 101,400.00 In 1999 was born the UPS Ultra 1.5 kW, switching power supply with  integrated  operator  panel  of  battery  line  not interruptible. The battery data are parameterized and editable via RS232. At the same time started the collaboration with companies that operate in the electromedical sector for the construction of scientific equipment for medical laboratories. In  2000/2001  was  developed  and  manufactured   the  driver BEL-P26   for  sinusoidal  brushless  motors   single/three  phase                                                                                230V   two  ranges   from   13A   and  26A,   operated   by   RISC                                                                                  microprocessor.  The  motor  data  are parameterized and can be                                                                    modified  with  terminal RS232 or via keypad with visualization of                                                                    the driver status. Control at +10 /-10V or at pulse  clock, up/down                                                                       with 5V logic. Also in 2000,  were developed projects and began the supply of the  entire range  of electronic boards  dedicated  to the sector of Seal hood with shrink film for a company of Bergamo.
Since 2001 began the design and relative production of boards  for a company of instrumentation for environmental monitoring,  for the air quality control and the analysis of water; one of the  instruments realized is the IsoFlow 200, a portable meter of  Isokinetic parameters able to perform measurements and  calculations related to temperature, air velocity, the  measurement of static and dynamic pressure, the barometric  pressure measurement by calculating directly the air volumes  normalized.  In 2004 is developed for the veterinary sector the   TRANSPONDER-HDX FDX-TROVAN reader, for the electronic  identification of animals that have been implanted microchip. 
In 2005,  while studying new projects commissioned  by clients,  has been further  developed  and expanded the line  of  work income customers,  organizing  stores  and  leased  lines  with  works  ranging in different types of boards: for dental equipment, traction control boards, pump control and console for gym equipment. In several years have been designed and manufactured a variety  of custom  devices,  on specific requests of the customer  as:  a detector of color,  digital tachometer,  cards  for  control  of  ovens  with  integrated  static  relays, inverter with microprocessor, low-cost inverter for low power motors, management boards for temperature control systems, boards for analysis tools, ……. Continuing  the process  of  innovation  of  the equipment  and  machinery  for  the realization  of products  it  was installed a new line, parallel to the existing, for lead-free board manufacturing.
In 2007  was developed  for the industrial sector,  the project and  the subsequent production  of two new models static relays that in addition to all the benefits of static relays over traditional with these models: It saves wiring time thanks to rapid clamps spring. It increases the reliability for the particular internal circuitry capable of detecting the load current  and protect the relay from overloads and short circuits. It reduces the space in the framework for the integration of the protection fuses.
These relays have been  designed to supply high loads, up to 30 A 480 V for the first model 30 A and 400V for the second model.    The distinctive features are: Connection  terminals  with  quick  coupling,  resulting  in  a  greater   speed and reliability of the wiring. Protection fuse removable, integrated in the relay,  less components   and simplification of the framework. Active protection against overload or short-circuit of the load. Less noise  during  switching,  which  occurs  at  the instant  of zero   crossing of the voltage. Led light of diagnosis,  of active relays,  open load  or lack  of mains   voltage,  overload  or short-circuit  of  the load,  is  also detected the   short  circuit  of the relay,  the  relay  is  equipped  with  a  protective   device    that   intervenes    in   case    is   exceeded   max   working   temperature. PNP 24V100mA exit,  it is activated during the anomalies described   above. 15 / 30Vcc 30mA  alimentation,  It is not compulsory,  needed only if   you use the diagnostic functions. Voltage relay control,  minimum  15V  max 30V  4 mA  if  the  supply   voltage diagnosis is present, otherwise consider 30mA. Direct mounting on omega rail. Electronic circuit immersed in resin, protected from the elements.                                         
In 2008 was made the project of a PC Terminal  7" for embedded applications. Extremely  flexible  and  designed  for  a  variety  of  applications  that  requires  a  terminal  operator that handles automation  machines  or  applications  normally controlled by PC or PLC, its small size (230 x 105 x 35 mm), the touch screen and the Windows CE operating system allow to obtain a high-performance low-cost terminal. The main features of the PC terminal are: Windows CE .NET O.S. PXA255 Microprocessor  Colour display TFT 7” and resistive touch screen 1 RS232/485 port 1 usb port device Slot SD / MMC 4 digital output 0,7A protects 4 digital input Opitonal perpetual clock 14..30Vdc Alimentation Possibility of expansion I/O digital and analogic with a module to apply on the back of the terminal or with a separate unit controlled via serial or I2C bus
Currently  the terminal is used with the control board for a forklift  SPINPALLET The  engine  control  board  handles  16 digital inputs,  8  outputs  2A protected, 1  output  1500  VA  24V  for  the  control  of  a  DC  motor  and,  coupled to the terminal described  above  with appropriate software manages  the operating of the SPIN PALLET.
In 2009  have been developed several projects of boards dedicated at the field of preservation of foods by vacuum. In  collaboration  with  a  leading  Italian manufacturers in this sector have their origin  electronic equipment  for  vacuum machines with bar solder.
The line of work  Customer Account is expanded with  the mounting of a DC BRUSHLESS DRIVER in supply voltage 60-140-200-280 V and programmable current up to nominal/peak 20/40A with encoder feedback dynamo tacho.
In   2010   was born  a project for the realization of a induction oven to the melting of all dental alloys. The so-called casting machine is equipped with a power supply of last generation  which  involves  a  low  power  consumption  without loss of performance.
Also in 2010,  is reinforced the line of work Customer Account with the assembly  of  electronic boards dedicated  to the electromedical sector, in particular of machines for monitoring and control of blood.
In the period  2011/2012  were  born  boards  for  packaging  in vacuum machines "bell" dedicated to professional sector. There  are  also  important  updates   both  hardware  and  software to  make  the  machine  with  sealing  bar   still  more  powerful  and innovative.
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