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DESIGN  ER Elettronica designs electronic boards and equipment by applying cutting-edge technologies. At the  core  of  every  project   there  is  a  continuous   activity  of  research,  aiming  at  obtaining  a product  fully  complies  with  the  requirements  and  needs  of  customers.  “Partnership” is a key word when it comes to customer relations: working together to grow together. Examples electronic boards and equipment realized: Portable Instrumentation Equipment for photometric measurements Operator terminals PLC axis control Electrical power drive systems Control units Switching power supply Uninterruptible power supplies    
EMC PRE CONFORMITY ER Elettronica  has its  own  internal laboratory where it’s able to   realize   the  measures   of  pre conformity   for  regulatory compliance with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).         The  tests,  carried  out  using  dedicated  instrumentation  are performed on any  product designed inside the ER Elettronica, but   they   can   also   be   applied  to  devices  or  equipment designed   by   third  parties   that   require   an  evaluation  of  pre  conformity   for   the   compliance   with   electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). By now the laboratory is able to perform measures for compliance with that rules:   EN 55011 EN 61000-4-2   EN 50081-1 EN 61000-4-4   EN 50081-2 EN 61800-2   EN 50082-1 EN 61800-3    EN 50082-2  
THIRD PARTIES   ER Elettronica  assembles  and  tests  products developed  by  third parties  by applying cutting- edge technologies. Provides the following services: Traditional electronic board assembly. assembly    of   electronic   boards   with surface mount components (SMD) using of 2 lines Pick & Place and solder reflow oven soldering. Soldering    with   wave   soldering machines with leaded o runleaded tin.   Manual soldering.   Assembly of electronic appliances. End  testing  of boards  or finished electronic machinery.   Partial   or    total   supply   of   the material.    
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