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ER Elettronica  designs  and  develops  electronic  circuit boards and industrial automation  equipment, using  cutting-edge technologies.  At the core of every project there is a continuous activity of research, designed  to obtain  a product  fully complies with the requirements and at the real needs of customers. offering a quality system that includes both products and services.
DC/DC converter suitable for powering industrial PC boards of standard voltages 24/48V
Switching power board 80W AS80MU
,,bkhfhfg Control board for shrink film machine
Packaging machine in shrink film
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Driver for sinusoidal brushless motors. With simple variations of internal parameters, via PC connected to serial, is capable of driving a variety of models of motors.
Driver for brushless motors BEL-P26
Portable meter of isokinetic parameters, able to perform measurements and calculations in relation to the physical quantities such as temperature, air velocity, measurement of static and dynamic pressure and measuring of atmospheric pressure.
Iso Flow 200
Peripheral interface between the controller and devices such as proximity, switches, switches, pushbuttons, indicator lights, etc.. The connection is via optical fiber. Protection against water (IP65).
Interfacing island ER16I/O
Microchip reader FDX HDX for animals. Powered by 9V battery.
Laser Reader 16
Operator terminal consisting of a industrial PC board and a 800x600 LCD touchscreen. Possibility to change specifications and front panel according to the needs of the customer.
PC-based operator panel ADV121TSS
Static relay for powering loads up to 30A 400V. Electronic circuit immersed in resin, protected from the elements.
Static Relay
Electromedical instrument for automatic analysis of ESR to 10 channels, arranged for Key Card and connected to a printer and scanner.
Micro Sed
Control board for professional fitness carpets. Manages bw 640x480 LCD, rotary encoder to select menu functions, I/O analog and digital input, heart rate monitor, linkable in network.
Cardio Tech
CPU and power boards for the management of "bell" vacuum sealer machine with 16x1 or 16x2 lcd.
Vacuum Sealer machine
Vacuum Sealer machine with external suction
Driver board for small sized vacuum sealer machine with external aspiration.
Board for vacuum sealer machine
Interface between USB and I2CBUS.
USB Interface
Graphics terminal for "bell" vacuum sealer machine with lcd 128x64.
Graphic terminal
Managment board for endoscopies washing machine.
Board for endoscopies washing machine
Power board for 3kW induction casting machine.
Power board for induction casting machine
Management board for induction casting machine.
CPU board for induction casting machine
Driver for brushless motors and DC up to 8 Nm 3000 rpm. 60/140/200/280 V - current programmable up to nominal/peak 20/40A. Over-under voltage protection, over-temperature and over-current protection.
SMBP Driver
Drivers for brushless motors up to 3.5 Nm 3000 rpm. 24/48V - 10/20A. Over-under voltage protection, over-temperature and over-current protection.
SM1R Driver 
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